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March 19, 2012
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When I was presented with the opportunity to watch and review a few episodes of Disney Jr.'s "Doc McStuffins", I asked my 4 year what she thought about it and she FREAKED !! She proceeded to go on and on about all the main "stuffed" characters and how funny they were and how she was so excited to see this new show on Disney Jr. I guess she has been paying such close attention to the commercials for "Doc McStuffins" that she already knew what it was all about!

We sat down last night and watched the DVD, courtesy of Disney Jr., and WOW, "Doc McStuffins" is such a sweet, family program. We loved it!

The little girl "Doc" plays a Doctor to the toys and stuffed animals. When she puts on her magic stethoscope, they all come to life! She examines and gives a diagnosis to whatever ailing toy needs her help! "Doc" documents it in her "bobo book" and then writes a prescription to mend the toy back to health. She has the help of her stuffed pals, "Lamby", "Chilly" (the snowman..too cute) and "Stuffy", just to name a few.

This animated series promotes good health, hygiene, compassion and nurturing. It also tackles fears that children may face when getting ready to see a doctor. Like everything else Disney Jr. does, this show is full of imagination and simply captured my little one's attention during each episode. This is a great children's series! Yet again, well done Disney Jr. !

"Doc McStuffins" premiers on March 23rd @ 10AM on Disney Jr.