October 31, 2011


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It is so hard to believe we passed our 1 year anniversary.  Our first newsletter went out to 28 subscribers (thank you to our immediate families and close friends for being our 1st subscribers) and to think we are now over 1,000 subscribers and growing everyday - it's truly unimaginable.  We have met so many wonderful people throughout this past year and we feel so blessed to have such a wonderful Pittsburgh Macaroni Kid Publishing Team to collaborate with.  We will continue to grow and get the word out to you about all of the events happening in the SW Pittsburgh area.  Thank you for being a loyal subscriber to our newsletter and please continue to spread the word about Macaroni Kid! - Jenn

So WOW.. 1 year, I really feel like Jenn and I started this joint adventure just yesterday. I can honestly say that being a Macaroni Kid publisher is truly such an honor and I am so incredibly proud of our publication.  Jenn and I started with nothing (well 28 subscribers) and we now have over 1,000 subscribers and we have met so many fabulous and amazing people along the way.  However, I have to say that Macaroni Kid has been so much more to us than just the newsletter you all read each and every week.  The friendship, fellowship and sisterhood that I have experienced thus far has been overwhelming.  There are so many talented and wonderful women (my publishing/editing partner leads the pack) that are involved with Macaroni Kid and I feel very lucky to know and work along side them. I want to thank all of our past and present sponsors and, of course, all of you, our subscribers for a fantastic first year of Macaroni Kid SW Pittsburgh. - Bridget

Jenn and I are beyond exctied about the future of our newsletter. Thanks again to all of you and also ....................

HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!!   Have a great night trick or treating with your little ones and stay very warm and safe.

With extra love this week to all of you, have a great week!

Jenn and Bridget


1) nancy said:
Congratulations on your first anniversary with Macaroni Kid. You are doing an excellent job of keeping us informed about all of the events taking place in our area. Keep up the great work!
2 years, 8 months ago

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